Who We Are

Divine Peace began in 1995 with a hand full of families. The Lord has blessed our church with steady growth, a new church, and about 180 members in worship on Sunday. We are a congregation with a family atmosphere, caring and loving each other as we grow in God’s Word and serve our neighbor.

Divine Peace is a member of the South Central District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

The Lord continues to give us the joy of serving God’s people of northeast Dallas. We are here to grow in God’s Word together and to proclaim Jesus’ love to those who do not yet know him.

What We Believe

We believe the Bible is God’s Word.

We believe the Bible is true and has no errors.

We believe God created the universe.

We believe Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.

We believe he suffered and died on the cross to pay for all people’s sins.

We believe he was raised back to life.

We believe because Jesus rose we too will rise from the grave.

We believe Jesus is ruling all things for the good of his people.

We believe we are saved and have forgiveness of sins through baptism.

We believe God’s love and forgiveness is ours in the Lord’s Supper or communion.

We believe the world will end and all believers will live forever in heaven.

We believe that we have peace because of what Jesus did for us.